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Awards calls for outstanding ICT and innovation projects in healthcare to be nominated as industry best practice.The Healthcare Information and Management System (HIMSS) and Elsevier, a world leading provider of scientific, technical and medical information products and services, have announced the locations which will be hosting the HIMSS-Elsevier Digital Healthcare Award this year.

Established in 2013, the awards have recognized 218 submissions in six years across 30 countries and 120 unique organisations, impacting over 41 million patients in the Asia Pacific, Middle Eastern and European regions. This year, the award has extended to the Latin American region, to further highlight global innovations in healthcare. In 2019, awardees will be recognized at the following conferences:

  • The HIMSS@Hospitalar, 21-24 May, in Sao Paolo, Brazil
  • The HIMSS & Health 2.0 European Conference, 11-13 June, Helsinki, Finland
  • The HIMSS AsiaPac19 Conference and Exhibition, 6-10 October, Bangkok, Thailand
  • The HIMSS Saudi Arabia Conference, 2-4 November, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Nominations for the category on “Outstanding ICT Achievement” will be open for submissions in all regions, and the European, Middle East and Asia Pacific regions will also welcome submissions for the “Outstanding ICT Innovation” award category, too. The call for nominations, which begins imminently in Latin America and Europe, will be open to all public and private healthcare institutions based in the aforementioned regions.

The “Outstanding ICT Achievement” category recognizes outstanding achievement in harnessing existing and new ICT to provide significant improvement to patient care and safety. Success in the category is not only related to the ICT solution itself, but the challenge faced by the institution, the community served and the long-standing problem that the target population is facing will also be taken into consideration.

The “Outstanding ICT Innovation” category recognizes the most innovative, creative and "outside-the-box" ICT solutions used to improve patient care, outcomes and safety. Innovation can be in the form of making use of existing technology to come up with new and creative use of ICT or developing a ground-breaking technology that leads the way in ICT adoption.

Bruce Steinberg, Managing Director and EVP for HIMSS International, said: "The HIMSS-Elsevier Digital Healthcare Award strives to encourage its participants to showcase best practices in health and care, where the results have ultimately improved patient outcomes.  We have been honoured to witness the outstanding quality of the winners during the Asia Pacific, Middle Eastern and European award ceremonies in 2018. We are so excited now to be launching the first ever call for submissions in Brazil. This is also an unmatchable learning opportunity for other stakeholders in the industry to learn from success stories with truly measurable results. We look forward to welcoming 2019 nominees."

All nominations will be reviewed by a diverse panel of judges comprising leading healthcare providers from different regions.

"For six years we’ve had the pleasure of helping to recognize global innovation in healthcare technology. The previous award winners have created solutions to a diverse range of problems; from the management of sepsis and stroke, to rolling out an integrated electronic medical record system in just one day. While diverse, all the ideas are rooted in the premise of delivering better care to patients, an objective closely tied to our mission at Elsevier." said Tim Hawkins, Managing Director of Elsevier Clinical Solutions, International.

Interested applicants can email HIMSS to enquire. The call for nominations in the European and Latin American regions will be available through these sites: and