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PACS Workstation

PACS Radiologist Viewer(PACS Workstation) is a multi-modality advanced DICOM viewer including images, reports, patient status and clinical information

PACS MammoView

PACS Mammo is an advanced DICOM Viewer for Mammography including 2 on 1 stitched images without complicated hanging protocol


PACS MammoQC is a quality control station automatically generate symmetrical 2 on 1 stitched images. Without complicated protocol of mammography viewers, PPMammoQC dramatically increases the speed of image display and storage capacity of typically high-volume if breast images as well as enhance ease of use

PACS Clinic

PACS Clinic is a simple DICOM viewer in a non-radiology department.

PACS Webserver

PACS WebServer provides users with on-demand cost-effective access to clinical images from any location(hospital, office, home) by web browser.

PACS Mobile

PACS Mobile Viewer provides users with on-demand cost-effective access to clinical images by mobile phone or tablet.(iPhone, iPad, Android)

PACS Cardiac

PACS Cardiology Viewer is a cardiologic advanced DICOM viewer including specific features for echo, ECG, and cardiac catheterization

Dicom gateway

PACS DICOM Gateway is DICOM converting solution from non-DICOM images to DICOM files.


Telemedicine is a total solution which enables health services from public health centers to inter hospitals