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3/13/2019 10:50:19 PM

PACS MammoQC is a quality control station automatically generate symmetrical 2 on 1 stitched images. Without complicated protocol of mammography viewers, PPMammoQC dramatically increases the speed of image display and storage capacity of typically high-volume if breast images as well as enhance ease of use

PACS MammoQC Features 
+ Auto Trimming process of image increases storage capacity. 
+ Auto stitching of two images with aligning height of both nipples. 
+ Reduce volume of the image without image loss. 
+ W/L, Zoom in/out. Magnify glass, etc. 
+ Import JPG, BMP, TIFF, etc. to DICOM file 
+ DICOM Printing 
+ Support DICOM Storage SCP/ SCU.

1- Trimming unnecessary space

Automatically detect unnecessary space and cut horizontally
Cut vertically if needed and insert new mark of location

2 - Matching and Stitching R/L

Align R/L nipple’s height, Stitching and save one file

Clicks can be reduced by 2on1 processing from 18 times to twice.

DICOM routing to PACS server